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Drug abuse disease is a global plague that affects people from every strata of life. It is not a flaw in character, nor is it a weakness so drug rehab should not be looked as a failure in life. It is a disease that impairs thought processes and disrupts the chemical functions of the brain, enhancing our emotions and changing our moods.

Drug rehab aims to correct the damage done for a filler, more enriched life ahead. Consumption of substances such as cocaine, Valium, heroin, alcohol, crystal meth and cocaine increase the production of dopamine – a neurotransmitter related to the brain’s reward center that elicits feelings of excitement, pleasure and well-being.

Drug rehab is there to pick up the pieces once this feeling is no more. Learn how you can win the battle against addiction with drug rehab programs in Belleville by calling Drug Treatment Centers Belleville at (973) 547-8142.

The Effects of Addiction

If you talk to anyone who once suffered from a drug abuse problems, they will tell you of the devastation it has inflicted upon their lives. You may hear of relationships that have been ruined, jobs that have been lost and children who were removed from the home as a result of out of control drug use. Sadly, you may even hear of crimes that have been committed to satisfy the need for drugs. The cravings for addictive substances overtime consume all your attention until life becomes only about getting the next fix. Ultimately, everyone in an addict’s life is affected in some way by their drug use.

Treatment Options

In addition to treating opiates like heroin and cocaine, many rehab centers also specialize in prescription drug abuse. Individuals with addictions to Oxycodone, Vicodin and others within the opiate family are treated daily by experienced medical staff. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers take a multimodal approach that links complementary therapies with an effective medical program. One of the primary goals is to provide each client with an individualized recovery program from drug addiction.

Breaking the Cycle

Those addicted to drugs or alcohol usually experience a strong feeling of shame that goes hand in hand with the addiction. This shame brings with it pain and personal emotion that most addicts strive to escape, even if for a short while. This strong urge to escape the feeling of shame is what triggers the addiction-shame cycle.

In a bid to escape that feeling of shame, addicts turn to drugs for comfort which is usually a temporary solution. The guilt of using follows shortly bringing about the shame and this drives them to use again. It becomes an endless cycle. The following are steps to address the problem while in drug rehab.

  • Realize that you are not defined by your addiction: You are the sum of all your parts – your strengths, your weaknesses, your thoughts, your actions, and more. Addiction is just one part of the very big picture that is YOU.
  • Accept your imperfections: As an addict you may find it difficult not to judge yourself but accepting yourself for who you are is a good way to start healing and feel better about yourself.
  • You are not alone: With addiction comes loneliness, but you do not have to be alone.  There are counselors are by your side every step of the way to help you battle your addiction.
  • Forgive yourself: As you make the decision to get help for your problem, forgive yourself for the mistakes and errors in judgement you’ve made, especially while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. You’ve been carrying a very heavy emotional burden -give yourself permission now to finally put it down.

Learn more about the drug rehab treatment options available to you at Drug Treatment Centers Belleville by calling (973) 547-8142.

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