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Drug Treatment Centers Belleville help to counter rampant drug addiction that plague townships like Belleville. Heroin, prescription pills and Cocaine remains the three biggest threat to the residents in that area. The number of people being adversely affected by these drugs need the services of Drug Treatment Centers Belleville to halt drug use and sustain sobriety.  Find help for your struggles with addiction by calling us at: (973) 547-8142.

The recovery process at Drug Treatment Centers Belleville typically begin with an inpatient, medically monitored detox procedure. In a comfortable, medically equipped facility, we help patients to safely eliminate toxins accumulated from chronic use of drugs and alcohol. The ultimate goals of the detox process at Drug Treatment Centers Belleville is to help patients to:

  • Complete the medical detoxification process without relapsing.
  • Alleviate discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms.
  • Provide emergency medical assistance to mitigate life-threatening conditions
  • Administer medication when necessary to help stabilize the patient.
  • Provide ongoing assessment in order to identify and treat emotional and behavioral complications exacerbated by the withdrawal process.

A patient-specific drug rehabilitation program follows the detoxification process. We select from evidence-based treatment protocols to customize a treatment program for each client. A treatment team is assigned to patient at intake who is responsible to oversee and administer the treatment protocols selected for the patient’s recovery program. These addiction interventions are focused on achieving full recovery as well as enabling the patient to have the confidence, skills and techniques to sustain long term sobriety.  Overall, the treatment process is expected to…

  1. Stabilize the patient from a mental, physical and behavioral standpoint.
  2. Teach new coping skills to counter stress and temptations to resume drug use.
  3. Address underlying mental disorders such as depression, unresolved trauma or grief among others.
  4. Provide relapse prevention education and training to prevent or limit relapse events.
  5. Assist with after-care planning.

Our board-certified addiction clinicians truly understand the burden of addiction and the toll it will take on the addict and their loved ones if it is allowed to continue unhindered. Many of these individuals have had personal experience with addiction.  This enables them to provide a high level of empathy and understanding when working with patients who are having a particularly difficult time with letting go of an addictive lifestyle.

Residents in Belleville can access our specialized treatment interventions through a pre-admittance process that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  The pre-admission process entails:

  1. Calling (973) 547-8142for help or to refer a loved on Drug Treatment Centers Belleville.
  2. Providing information to our admission staff who will assess the needs of the client and match the available services to their specific needs.
  3. Participate in a pre-screening discussion with the director of Drug Treatment Centers Belleville in order to verify and confirm the appropriate services required.
  4. Attend an admission interview.

Of course we understand how difficult it can be to make that decision to enter a drug rehab or to get a loved one to agree to the treatment that they need. To that end, we have processes in place that can help.  For those who have decided to willingly seek treatment for themselves, a member of our call staff can guide you through the admission process when you call.

For families who need help staging a drug intervention, our services include the assistance of trained interventionists that can help family members to plan, execute and stage a drug intervention.  The ultimate goal of this process is to encourage the person in addiction to get professional help to stop habitual drug use and gain the confidence and skills to live a drug free life.

If you or a loved one in Belleville, NJ is in need of assistance to stop using drugs, call Drug Treatment Centers Belleville today at (973) 547-8142. We can help.

About Belleville

From its inception the City of Belleville, New Jersey has been a blended community that embraces its various residential, agriculture and manufacturing factions.  Belleville was incorporated into the New Jersey Legislature in 1839.  It was initially called “Second River” and “Washington” before it was renamed in 1797 as Belleville. This township has also dubbed itself the “Cherry Blossom Capital of America” and hosts an annual display that exceeds that of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. Visitors to Belleville can enjoy other annual events such as Wine, Dine and Dance Festivals, St. Patrick’s Day Parade and October Fests.  The annual “Art on the Square” is also a nationally recognized juried show that encourage visual and performing arts in Belleville.

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